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Generate new leads with targeted landing pages

Our LeadCapture technology allows us to create data capture pages for your business

Every B2B business has the same priority as the next one when it comes to drumming up new business: How do we increase our inbound lead generation?

The biggest problem sales professionals have is that they aren't given modern methods, resources or aren't aligned closely enough with their marketing team to make this happen.

We've developed a tried and tested campaign & system that has proven to increase lead generation for our B2B customers.

If you want to drive growth via inbound lead generation, drop our Head Of Digital Services an email. We'll talk you through how LeadCapture works, and how our process will help your sales team succeed.

Our Approach

We create buyer profiles: We map out where they spend their time online, what they'd like to read about, where would they look to find answers to their questions.

Craft good content: We make content that genuinely adds value to your prospects profession or problem they are trying to solve. This could be an Ebook, white paper, video or other format.

Targeted advertising: We create a campaign across social media & PPC with tailored messaging for each buyer profile.

Landing page: We send them to a highly targeted page where they can get your content in exchange for key contact info. From here them through your marketing journey to convert them into a sales qualified lead.