First time here? How we started our agency

How And Why We Started This Agency

Alex Packham, Founder & CEO ASTP // Content Calendr


“We are a group of people that are obsessed with our customer’s success, as this is the driver of our own.”

ASTP was born from the idea that doing business should be simple and fun. Working with an agency like ours should be nothing short of a great experience for you and your team.

When I started thinking about setting up a marketing agency, I wrote down all the things that I got frustrated with when I was ‘client side’:

These things were:

  • A lack of belief in the individual(s) I worked with directly
  • I didn’t believe in the wider teams commitment to the projects they worked on
  • I didn’t believe that they truly understood our business
  • Projects were over-scoped, then poorly executed

I then wrote the things I loved about working with a marketing agency:

  • The people I did work with and trust, I would give them my all to make their project with us a success
  • I genuinely enjoyed spending time with them
  • They ‘just got it’ when it came to understanding our business
  • I believe true creativity can only come from outside of the day to day of working in an organisation

My first foray into agency life was full of mistakes, pitching for business, winning some, loosing some. I travelled around London with my business partner making stuff happen. We truly hustled to create a company we believed in. 


We featured in The Drum the day of launch. 

That was a couple of years ago. Today, after adapting and learning from our successes and failures, I believe the approach we’ve developed is one of the best on the market. Our creative approach, campaign ideas, ‘get stuff done’ attitude and knowledge of our field makes us the perfect partner to ensure your business stands out on the Internet.

If it’s your first time encountering ASTP, there are 4 things I’d like you to take away:

1.We are a ‘business first’ team. Everyone at ASTP has seen the company grow from 2 people to where we are now. They’ve been part of the office moves, the expansion and the importance of our clients to our business. We all know what positive effect our good work for clients has on your company and ours.

2.We’re passionate. This is something I’m most proud of about our team. We take the work we do with our customers incredibly seriously and take huge amounts of pride in what we do. We hold ourselves to our own high standards, and question each other when they aren’t met.

3.We know our working relationship will only flourish if our teams gel and we can work well together. We make sure we spend time getting to know you before jumping into any large projects or campaigns.

4.Our focus is on B2B and tech companies who require social & digital marketing. A specialism we’ve crafted over time.

We don’t go in blind

We decided to stop blindly pitching for work about a year ago. When I say blindly pitching, I mean being invited to a process where the brief is  poor, the budget is unknown and there’s no timeline when a project will start. We know pitching in general and selling ourselves is a HUGE element of what we do, life’s a pitch after all. However we no longer look at projects where there is no plan and commitment to move forward as a partnership, long or short term.

As a business we’ve had 3 ‘launches’, and we treat each re-launch as a pillar of growth we can look back and reflect on our work so far.

We are a people focused business with a passion for the ‘Hustle and Grind’. This is our motto for making things happen.

What else is new?

One thing I’ve always been conscious of is that our business model allows for incredible innovation, but isn’t the most straight forward to drive scale. We’ve been flirting with the concept of creating and truly scaling our own product offerings and now is the time to explain more:

  • Content Calendr was a side project of ASTP’s and we believe we have created a truly fantastic product for social media teams to work better together. We went through a London Accelerator earlier this year called The Accelerator Academy, and I’m proud to announce we’ve secured investment that will allow us to hire a full time team to work on growing the business properly. The company will benefit from ASTP’s social media management and growth services, and customers who sign up to Content Calendr will have the opportunity to get social media marketing support when they need it. MUCH more to come on this front. Watch this space.
  • We’ve created LeadCapture, a technology we’ve developed to create lead generation and data capture landing pages white labelled for our customers. Read more here.
  • We’ve simplified the way you can work with ASTP. You can hire us for an one off social & digital audit of your business, or for long and short term projects via our services page.

As a team of people we are working to create a business network of social media power houses. Our mission is to serve brands and marketers who want to innovate, optimise their processes and reach new audiences, and we’re just getting started.

Welcome to the all new ASTP.