Introducing the new ASTP brand - ASTP

Introducing the new ASTP brand

Lawrence Smith, Product & Design Director

Our bold new brand

The launch of the new ASTP brand comes at a perfect time for the business. We’re growing fast and doing better work than ever before. The team are turning up at the office everyday buzzing with excitement and energy. Our Slack channels are filled with fire emoji’s, 100’s, and a fair few Seal GIFs too. With growth comes reflection, and now seemed like perfect time to come together and reflect on the years gone by. The past is cool, but it’s the future that excites us. So we thought about the future. What it means to everyone, what we stand for and how we want to be recognised.

Getting to work

We went through a series of branding exercises, eventually getting to a cluster of key words and phrases. 3 people wanted to be like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kim Kardashian caused debates on success and the team seemed to resonate with LEGO, paperclips and Uber. It was going swell.


We got the words and phrases down to 4 which became our core values – This is what ASTP stands for – This is who we are.

Bright : We are full of energy and excitement. We are curious. We love ’new’
Conversational: We are friendly + open. We talk about what we do with pride.
Real: We are honest. We go the extra mile. We do things with love and care.
Connected: We are fascinated by digital. We convert users to fans, and fans to ambassadors.


After further exploring the idea of a hand drawn logo we just knew it was the right direction. It stood for everything we did, and tied really well into our core values.


Our new ASTP logo is known as ‘The Signature’. In a world of digitalisation and automation, the logo stands for being friendly, human and authentic. If it has our name on it, we’ve done it with pride and care.


We also have a colour palette now! We’ve introduced a set of bright, bold colours to really bring the brand to life. We also selected new fonts, and introduced new illustration styles.

A dual brand

As you may or may not know, ASTP are the creators of Content Calendr, a calendar based social media management and collaboration tool. As the product and team grow, we decided to pair the two brands together. So we now have 1 design system for both brands. The Blue in the ASTP colour palette is the Content Calendr blue, meaning this product and future ones can have their own identity but still remain a consistent part of the ASTP brand by re-using the main components of the design system. Getting a bit more nerdy, we’ve also spent a ton of time creating a single codebase for ASTP and Content Calendr.


How the new brand will help us grow

We’ve created a brand that perfectly represents the team and our vision. Whilst it feels good to see shiny new Keynote docs in bright colours being presented to clients, we know it goes deeper than this. The new brand is an expression of our culture, and stems from our values. It’s how we speak, how we act, and how we tackle a problem as much as it’s about how we look. We’ve set a benchmark for ourselves internally because we understand that to cut through the noise, we need to focus on making the creative the variable. Taking a design led approach to everything we do will help us succeed.

So whether we’re doing a global social campaign for a FTSE 100 client or creating a birthday card for one of the team, our thought process and effort will be the same.

Design-led companies win, and it starts from the inside out.

Welcome to the new ASTP. We hope you are as excited as we are.

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