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Audits + Workshops that unlock opportunity

Introducing ASTP Amplify

The day-to-day of digital and social media is full on. There's rarely a moment where you get time to stop, analyse your competitor's activity and review your own approach.

We’ve carried out Audits + Workshops for B2B and B2C businesses ranging from multinationals, large corporates, startups and SMEs. We call it ASTP Amplify.

ASTP Amplify is completely tailored to your business. Due to the bespoke nature of work these slots are limited. To request more information please contact our Head of Services. We can then find out more about your business and get you booked in.

Revolutionise your approach to social and digital today.

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Our work has resulted in

Increasing conversion rates for our clients

Complete advertising creative overhauls for brands that didn’t realise their message wasn’t resonating with their target audience

Creating communication strategies from scratch for businesses embarking on new projects, startups or product launches

Unearthing trends in data and finding the cause previously ‘unanswerable’ questions for our customers

The process

ASTP Amplify is a process for businesses who want to get a best in class perspective on their approach and strategic recommendations on how to improve.


1. Understanding your objectives

We carry out Q&A sessions with key stakeholders to understand what you’re trying to achieve with social and digital.

2. Audit

We analyse your entire social & digital portfolio across the business.

3. Workshop

We carry out an interactive workshop with your team that looks at: Your objectives, target audience, consumer motivators, messaging concepts, creative audit, campaign mechanics & key milestones for delivery.

4. Strategy Presentation

We debrief our findings, recommendations and create the blueprint for a new approach or campaign idea.

Audit + Workshop case studies

Understanding HeadBox's mission to create #BrillIantSpaces

We worked directly with HeadBox's CEO and management team to kick start their growth. We started wth analysing their marketing plan to understand the ethos and mission of the business. Using our ASTP Amplify format, we mapped their growth goals, audience groups and available conversion data to build the #BrilliantSpaces social & digital campaign. During our time working with HeadBox we helped grow their bookings month on month.

Teaching people to #LearnToCode with Makers Academy

Makers Academy is Europe's leading coding bootcamp. We worked directly with their Sales & Marketing Director and Head Of Marketing to deliver a social media and digital marketing plan for their first remote learning course. We researched their applicants, segmented them into audiences and crafted a series of campaigns to market the high value course, delivering record numbers of applicants for the business.

#YourTargetAudience Lead Generation For Visual DNA

We worked with Visual DNA to craft a campaign with our landing page technology LeadCapture. The marketing team needed a way to capture new business enquiries without effecting their current website. We created a landing page hosted on their domains that was focused on conversion to enquiry, and created a highly targeted paid social and search campaign to drive new leads to the business.