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About us

We started out as an idea. Our master plan was to create a business that did things properly, didn't overcomplicate projects and was built on a two simple principles: Hustle + Grind. We believe hard work, great people and inspiring partnerships are what drive success for ourselves and our customers. That's why our 'Hustle + Grind' motto is at the heart of everything we do. We work relentlessly to create incredible work and results.

Social and digital media has been the biggest driver of change in how we consume content. We feel it’s time businesses caught up with the attention graph shift, and start embracing the power of networks to build a following and distribute brand awareness.

People simply don’t engage with TV commercials, newspaper articles or billboard ads like they once did. Yet advertising on these mediums still remains an incredibly expensive way to reach people. Return on investment with traditional marketing is becoming smaller and smaller as people spend an ever-increasing amount of time looking at their screens.

ASTP are here to help businesses embrace this change. We believe that creating bespoke content and driving substantial reach on new media is still largely underestimated.

We are social media experts and digital storytellers for businesses who dare to be the best.

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Our team

Alex Packham

Founder & CEO ASTP + Content Calendr

Noel Agyei

COO ASTP + Content Calendr

Lawrence Smith

Product & Design Director ASTP + Content Calendr

Brian Collins

Head Of Digital Services ASTP

Hannah Leitch

Account Manager Content Calendr & ASTP

Nadia Ali

Account Manager ASTP

Rebecca Croly

Junior Designer ASTP

Heidi Florence

Senior Account Manager ASTP

Tom Packham

Paid Media Lead ASTP


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The future of media consumption. Why Snapchat will eat into your marketing budget in 2017. Starting a business at 23 years old. Raising funding to develop technology products. Starting a business during a recession. Hire Alex to speak at your event about business, social media, entrepreneurship or technology if you want an exciting and thought provoking session for your audience.

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“Marketing knowledge and creativity is on tap here at the ASTP HQ. We all offer and share our ideas to a client’s campaign, this I believe just adds to its brilliance.”
- Nadia